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Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata 2-Inch

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This Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata is a rooted cutting with new growth. I love the shape of the leaf and the inner variegation. They are quite fast-growing with a relatively small root system and seem to have stable variegation.

When they have bright, indirect light the new growth is a pink/red that fades to the green and white variegation.

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About the Heuschkeliana Inner Variegated Hoya

Where it is from?

It is native to the Phillipines, and like other hoyas is considered a semi-succulent.


The leaves are quite tiny and grow very compactly. The leaves like to grow in bunches and can either be a hanging/trailing plant for it can be trained to go around a trellis. I think it looks the best when it both goes up a trellis and hangs down.

Most hoya leaves are thick and rigid and the leaves on these are thicker than you may think but relatively thin for a hoya. These leaves have a creamy, white inner variegation and are one of my most stable hoya variegation.


It can take a year or two for the plant to get mature enough to bloom, depending on the size of plant you started with and your growing conditions. The flowers are pink and I’m told smell like buttered popcorn. I haven’t had mine bloom to verify this though because I usually cut my hoyas for propagating before they have a chance to bloom.

If they are given consistent conditions they will always think it is summer and bloom year-round.


Like most hoya, they take a while to root and get started growing, but once they do, they grow quite fast for me. I would say they get new leaves every 2-3 weeks. If you want to see if you can get yours to grow faster, read this article to see if you can get some ideas.

How do you care for Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata?


I personally grow all my hoyas in my fine aroid mix and they love it.


A good rule of thumb for all hoyas is to water when the top two inches are dried out. I like to water all my plants using my self-watering system so they are evenly moist but not damp.


The general advice is bright light with no direct sun – but that has never been helpful to me. If you are growing near a window,  keep them a few inches away from a south window or directly in a north window to start then move them around if they look like they could use more or less light.

I can tell you that I grow mine with the top of the plant about 5-7 inches away from a Barrina T5 grow light for 14 hours a day. I do recommend a light meter so you can check the amount of light. Mine are generally at about 400 foot candles so they get a light sun-stressing but also grow quickly. I’ve heard they can go up as high as 1,000 FC.

You can tell it isn’t getting enough light if it is leggy, slow growing, starts to lose its variegation, or doesn’t get sunstressed and/or pink to red leaves when they first come out.

Humidity and Temperature

These will grow fine in ambient room conditions but will grow faster with higher humidity and temperature. My keep my plant room pretty consistently at 60% humidity and 73 F and most of my plants love this. You can do higher humidity, but make sure to also increase the temperature relative to the humidity so there is good VPD. I measure my humidity and temperature with this hygrometer.


I add 1/4 tsp of this fertilizer to my houseplant gallon watering can every time I water.

When to Repot

These tend to have a relatively small root system and prefer pots on the smaller size and they take a long time to get root-bound. I would stick with the pot its in as long as its happy in it isn’t root-bound.

Pests and Disease

I have personally not had a problem with either of these but I also avoid a lot of these problems but having good soil, light, and humidity conditions and by doing routine pest control.

How do you propagate Hoya Heuschkeliana?

I like to take a mature hoya and snip off the last 2-3 sections of growth. Then I cut off the bottom two leaves, making sure to leave what is left of the stem then I get a small pot full of my aroid mix mentioned above, stick the cutting in the mix and water it using my self-watering system just like my other plants.

If you don’t have already at least 60% humidity, you can do something like put it in a take-out container or rubbermaid box to increase the humidity for a week or two then gradually get it used to regular household humidity once it has a few roots.

Are there other varieties of Heuschkeliana?

There is an outer variegated one and a green one with yellow flowers. There is a red flowering cultivar but it is rare.

Are hoyas toxic to pets?

Good news! They are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

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29 reviews for Hoya Heuschkeliana Variegata 2-Inch

  1. Rachel

    The package looked like someone stepped on it but she packed it so well and the plant came out beautifully. It was just as pictured. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from this website again and am very happy I did in the first place.

    Image #1 from Rachel
  2. Julia

    Love it!!! The packaging was amazing and both plants look healthy and happy ☺️

    Image #1 from Julia
  3. Ashlen

    I appreciated how much care the website took in shipping, my plant arrived in great condition. Thank you!

  4. Lenna

    Cute starter plant. Arrived healthy and packaged well

    Image #1 from Lenna
  5. Kaylee

    The plant was exactly as the photo shown. It was packaged perfectly and arrived in pristine shape. Highly recommend!

    Image #1 from Kaylee
  6. Jessica

    Adorable plant exactly as shown in the picture. Arrived packaged super safely and arrived quickly. Would definitely order again!

    Image #1 from Jessica
  7. Lenna

    Plant packaged well. Looks good.

    Image #1 from Lenna
  8. Leah

    Wonderful website! Healthy plant, shipped fast, and packed with great care! Thank you!

  9. Laura

    Smaller then picture but it arrived in great shape .. thank you so very much

  10. Andrea Robbins

    I love my new Hoya! She’s such a beauty and healthy! Thanks so much, I’ll be back!

    Image #1 from Andrea Robbins
  11. Shanea

    Gorgeous plant!

    Image #1 from Shanea
  12. Kayla

    Couldn’t rave enough, excellent website 🙂

  13. Sophia

    Came in good condition, good package, so excited to see it growing! Thanks!!!

  14. Erin

    Healthy little plant that arrived well packed and in great condition.

  15. Kayla

    It’s so beautiful!

  16. Hong

    Fell in love with this plant when I first saw it. It came very well packaged and is thriving in my home.

    Image #1 from Hong
  17. Nik

    Great shopping experience all around!

    Image #1 from Nik
  18. Natasha

    Love love love my new Hoya! Just as pictured. Packaged insanely well and shipped super quick. I’ll definitely be back!

    Image #1 from Natasha
  19. Christine

    AWESOME!!!! My BEAUTIFUL Hoya HeuschkelianaCutie arrived quickly and safely. Thank You!!!

  20. Robin and Stacey

    These are one of my all-time favorites. They are obsoletely beautiful. Can’t wait to see what it grows into.

  21. Channing

    Nice healthy plant packaged great!!

    Image #1 from Channing
  22. Christina

    Plant was more beautiful and fuller than I thought. I’m very happy with my purchase. The seller packaged it very well and I would buy another plant from this website again. I’m planning to root it in leca so it’s bare rn.

    Image #1 from Christina
  23. Lisa

    Plant arrived perfectly! It was wrapped and well protected.

    Image #1 from Lisa
  24. Karen

    This plant was well packaged and healthy. I recommend this website and will use their services often.

  25. Shanea

    Beautiful plant. Awesome seller.

  26. Shanea

    Customer service was excellent!

  27. Alex

    Beautiful cuttings, arrived SO fast, very healthy. Hoping they do well in my place but they were perfect upon arrival!

    Image #1 from Alex
  28. Kelly

    Another wonderful, strong Hoya! I never have to worry about the plants I receive from HoyaTreasures, they’re such great quality <3

  29. Maria (verified owner)

    So happy I finally have this Hoya! Seller does amazing with her plants I keep coming back!

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