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2-Inch Hoya Lacunosa Black Queen

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I like this plant, first of all, because it is a Hoya Lacunosa and Lacunosa are so easy to care for, bloom easily, and grow relatively quickly. I also love their relatively small leaves. The leaf size is small enough to be cute and not take up too much space but large enough that you can get a nice hanging basket quite quickly.

The Lacunosa Black Queen is fairly similar to a Hoya Krohniana Black (which I may also have for sale) but different enough that I can easily tell them apart. The Krohniana has more of a pointed oval shape and the leaves get quite a bit thicker, and because of that, the leaves have more of a texture to them. The Lacunosa Black Queen has the typical Lacunosa shape, which is longer and more narrow. The leaves also don’t get as thick and generally have a smooth texture. The Black Queen is also much harder to find.

They enjoy:

• watering when the top two inches are dried out
• bright light (no direct afternoon sun)
• Aroid soil mix
• 60% + humidity to help it grow the fastest and produce more leaves

The photo is the exact plant for sale and it is rooted with new growth. It is currently in my homemade aroid soil mix and loves it.


USPS Priority Mail Shipping costs $10 no matter how many plants you buy. Orders are shipped USPS every Monday, Tuesday and some Wednesdays and Saturdays, depending on your location and the weather.

I will do my best to pack your plant so it will arrive in the best possible shape, including a free heat pack if I think it is necessary. I use insulated bubble-wrap year-round to insulate your plant from the cold and heat.

I recommend you have the post office hold your mail. A lot of the problem with plants in the winter is sitting in the mail person's cold truck all day. You can watch the tracking and hold it the day before the plant is going to be delivered. Then you go to the post office and pick it up, where it is in a temperature-controlled environment. The minimum days to hold is four but you can cancel your hold online right after you pick your mail on the first day. If you do have it delivered to your door, sign up for their text updates so you can get it off your front porch right after it is delivered.


If you choose local pickup, after you order a link will be sent to you to schedule your pick up. You may pick up in as little as 15 minutes or as late as two weeks.

I will put the plant out at your scheduled time and you may pick it up at your convenience after that time in the blue cooler in front of my house. Depending on the weather, you may not want it outside for very long so you can click on the email confirmation from Calendly to reschedule your appointment if you can’t make it at your original time.


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1 review for 2-Inch Hoya Lacunosa Black Queen

  1. NJ

    I’m in love!

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