About Me

My name is Rebecca Baron. I started growing way too many houseplants in my bedroom when I was a teenager. That was kind of a long time ago – and I have been growing them every since.

I’m quite obsessed with plants and LOVE to take cuttings and make baby plants. Because of this, I always have way too many plants in my house.

Right now I have over 1200 plants – and growing!

A few years ago I had a lot of small plants I had grown from cuttings and didn’t know what to do with them. I thought I would just put them on the corner and put a ‘FREE’ sign on them to make room so I could make more babies.

My two youngest daughters are quite the entrepreneurs though and want to try selling them. I told them they could keep all the money since they would be doing most the work of sitting out in the hot sun for hours, holding up a sign and trying to get people to buy plants.

I didn’t think they would sell very many but they ended up making $80 the first day. That’s A LOT of money for 6 and 8 year-olds!

So we did that for a year or two but last winter I ended up with so many more plants than I had room for and I needed to make room for planting seeds since I start most of the flowers in my yard from seed and some of my garden.

So I thought I would try to sell some plants on KSL. It went pretty well. I was selling common plants for an average of $2 so it was a good deal for the buyers but, mostly, I was making room so I could make more baby plants and doing what I loved so I didn’t care that if you factored in my time and supplies, I was losing a lot of money.

Then one day a few months ago I discovered rare plants. I still don’t know how I went so long without knowing about them.

I figured I could just keep doing what I was doing and make plant babies and sell them but since the prices are a lot higher I may be able to actually make money – or at least earn enough to pay for the plants, supplies and my time.

So far, I’ve spent way more than I’ve made but there is hope I will eventually sell enough to cover my costs – but in the meantime I’m doing something I LOVE!

I love growing and selling plants and making other people happy by getting a good deal on a good plant!