Terms, Refunds, and Return Policy


Please be aware that damages to the plant can occur during transit of your plant. All plant purchases are FINAL. No refund. No returns. No exchange. No replacements. No cancellations. By purchasing this plant, you agree to these terms. If there are any issues with your order, you have 2 hours upon delivery to notify me. Please provide photo documentation along with a short message detailing the issue.

Although I will send the plant to you in good shape with no known pests, disease, rot, dying leaves, etc. please understand that stress and damage to the plant can occur during shipping. This may include browning or yellowing of the leaves, bent leaves, and rot on the stem and or roots.

This plant will require time to recover and adjust after shipping. With proper care, your plant will recover, produce new leaves, and won’t affect future growth. For plants shipped in pots, it is best to let your plant acclimate for 30 days before repotting.

I, the seller, am NOT liable for damage done to the plant by shipping, shipping delays, weather, loss in transit or mishandling of packages by the carrier. I will ship the plant with care, exactly as described above. While I try my best to carefully package each plant, the buyer understands the risk associated with shipping live plants.


Contact us for questions related to refunds and returns.